We not only lead the industry with the fastest time-to-operation,
our plants also offer the highest run-time average at 97% or better.


Morrow has built more high BTU projects than any other domestic developer and is one of the only U.S. companies that: develops, designs, manufactures, operates, and supports biogas projects. This unmatched integration of the entire RNG value chain allows us to preserve the quality and integrity of our operation. It is precisely because of Morrow’s vertical integration and operational command that we’re able to negotiate some of the most dynamic deal structures in the industry.


Landfills produce large amounts of certain greenhouse gases every year. When left uncollected, these gases are devastating to the environment, climate and earth as a whole, contributing to atmospheric smog and ozone depletion. Morrow LFG treatment plants collect this gas, composed mostly of methane and carbon dioxide, and treat it to pipeline specifications as a renewable energy source. This provides a long-term profitable resource for landfill owners.


Wastewater treatment plants process sewer and other liquid waste streams. One of the by-products  is a methane-rich gas, or biogas, which can be further treated by our high-BTU plants to meet pipeline specifications and be used in place of natural gas. In addition, the solid remnants of the waste create a nutrient-rich “digestate” that can be added to soil to boost plant growth.


We qualify, finance, develop, install and operate projects that capture and process methane to generate new revenue streams and reduce compliance risk for our partners. Depending on the size of the landfill and gas production, we can often install and operate a system with no upfront cost to the landfill, while providing an attractive royalty on gas sales.

If you’re interested in developing the most profitable long-term revenue stream from your landfill gas with a partner you can rely on, contact Morrow Renewables today. Let us help you determine if high-BTU gas production is your best solution.

If you qualify, Morrow Renewables will provide your renewables project with:

Financial Strength

Morrow Renewables has the resources to help finance all viable projects. You do not bear the full brunt of expenses associated with building, owning or operating an LFG treatment facility.


Morrow Renewables has all engineering, drafting, manufacturing and operations support in house, as well as some existing inventory of process vessels.

Technical Expertise

In the past fifteen years, Morrow Renewables has built and operated eleven separate physical solvent plant facilities for landfill gas treating.


Morrow Renewables is leading the way in LFG gathering and treatment. We hold two patents and have a third in process that improve treating efficiency while lowering overall emissions.


Our facilities are highly scalable to cover future demand as a landfill grows and creates more gas.