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Morrow Renewables, LLC, formerly SouthTex Treaters & Renewables, is a family-owned company that supports local and international charitable organizations through several family foundations.

The Morrow Renewables LLC contributes to community and non-profit support through the Morrow Family Foundation, managed by the immediate Morrow family, David and Laura Morrow and their three children, Paul, Luke and Susanna Morrow. The Morrow Family Foundation grants are made to local, national and international qualifying organizations with emphasis on unity of the community, poverty, children, AIDS support, disaster relief, education and other non-denominational religious organizations.

The Luke and Lori Morrow Family Foundation was established by Luke and Lori Morrow in 2011.  The Foundation is designed to honor God by faithfully stewarding His blessings in ways that execute His commands to serve the needs of others regionally and throughout the world, and in so doing, illuminating the saving work of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Foundation will seek to partner with non-profit organizations in good standing that focus on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the poor, oppressed, lost, or forgotten.

The Paul and Katherine Morrow Foundation will provide grants to local, national, and international organizations organized as 501(c)(3) with emphasis on unity of the community, poverty, children, education, disaster relief, and other non-denominational religious organizations.These grants will be made from Midland, Texas, to local, national, and international qualifying organizations and to qualifying individuals under the education grant program.

Some of the organizations that have received support from these Morrow family foundations include (but are not limited to):

Compassion International • Americares • Keep Midland Beautiful • Midland/Odessa Area AIDS Support (MAAS) • Casa de Amigas • International Justice Mission • Save the Children Dominican Development Group • Teenflow Ministries • Safe Place • United Way

Please cick on one of the buttons to the left to open an editable Application Summary in .pdf format. Complete the highlighted fields for each foundation you are applying to.

In addition to your application summary, please submit a copy of your Pub 78 and your Form 990 (there may be more formal names for these, but they are needed for us to fund an agency), as well as any other supporting material you believe might be essential to our understanding of your mission.

You can save the PDF to your computer and complete it there, or complete it in the web browser. If you complete your PDF document in a web browser (before saving the document to your desktop), you must click on the disk icon in Acrobat to save your changes to the document (before saving to your computer). You may email this Application for funding, or print and postmark, anytime before Midnight, December 31st. Gifts will be granted in March.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. Please be aware that you may be contacted in January for further support materials.

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