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Greenwood Farms Landfill

Greenwood Farms Landfill
Tyler, Texas


Tyler landfill high btu plant diagramThe Greenwood Farms (City of Tyler) Landfill in Tyler, Texas is home to a high BTU LFG modified physical solvent plant, constructed by Morrow Renewables in 2009. The plant is designed to treat 3.6 MMSCFD of
raw landfill gas, with an initial flow rate of 1.5 MMSCFD (1050 scfm). Morrow Renewables retrofitted the existing perimeter system into a complete gathering system by adding headers and approximately 85 wells. Morrow Renewables also installed a CNG refueling station onsite in 2010. Morrow Renewables is voluntarily minimizing the negative impacts of greenhouse
gases   at  this non-NSPS site.

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JDP Landfill
Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana


Morrow Renewables completed a high BTU LFG modified physical solvent plant on the Jefferson Davis Parish Landfill in March 2008. Morrow Renewables began treating approximately 1.15 MMSCFD (800 scfm), and has since increased volumes to 2.6 MMSCFD (1800 scfm) with the installation of new wells and the re-drilling of old ones. Morrow Renewables worked closely with the landfill owner and operator to provide required documentation and information crucial for NSPS compliance.

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City of Fort Smith Landfill
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Morrow Renewables designed, manufactured and constructed a highBTU LFG modified physical solvent plant for the City of Fort Smith Landfill in May 2005, and has since operated the project with a runtime efficiency over 98 percent. The Fort Smith plant was initially designed to handle 3.6 MMSCFD, and with simple modifications will be able to treat much more LFG as the landfill grows. The Fort Smith facility is currently treatingapproximately 2.6 MMSCFD (1800 scfm) of landfill gas, with growth expected over the 70-year life of the project.

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Turkey Creek Landfill
Alvarado, Texas


Morrow Renewables has recently started operation of its’ most recent landfill gas to energy (high BTU) project south of Ft. Worth, Texas at the Turkey Creek Landfill, owned and operated by IESI.  The plant is designed to treat up to 4 MMSCFD of raw landfill gas, with initial flows of 2 MMSCFD of raw landfill gas.  The pipeline quality biogas is being purchased by Shell Trading for the California RPS market.  Morrow Renewables is using a modified physical solvent process with patented enhancements along with catalytic oxygen removal for the treating.  Morrow has added and is operating 128 wells, and has re-directed the flow in the gathering system along with new headers to accommodate future flows from the landfill.  The Turkey Creek Landfill is currently accepting over 2,000 tons per day of trash, and looks to be a great source of biogas for decades to come.



Fort Bend Landfill
Needville, Texas


Morrow Renewables sixth landfill gas to high BTU project was commissioned in June of 2013 on the Ft. Bend Landfill near Needville, Texas just outside of Houston.  Morrow is currently treating approximately 2,000 scfm of landfill gas, which is being used by GHI Energy in the transportation fuel markets.  In the Ft. Bend facility, Morrow is removing trace components, sulfur compounds, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor to meet the stringent pipeline specifications of Energy Transfer.  The treatment facility is designed for 3,500 scfm, and will be expanded as needed to accommodate the increasing gas volumes. The landfill gas gathering system is maintained and operated by Morrow and is comprised of 56 vertical collection wells and approx. 4800 feet of horizontal collectors including an approx. 11,000ft of 18 & 8 inch header tying the gathering system to the treatment facility. The landfill is owned and operated by WCA and receives over 3,000 tons per day of MSW from the greater Houston area. The Fort Bend project is a partnership between Morrow Renewables and Enerdyne Power Systems.

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